At-Home Early Bird Dinner (Crash-Hot Potatoes)

You know how these things happen: you get up late, wander around doing stuff before you have breakfast, stop at the market at lunchtime, and end up eating your first real meal of the day at 5:00.

We got home just in time for a short but serious downpour, turned on the recorded Lakers game, and had a good meal:

• Green salad with as many different veggies as we could get in there–photo prop avocados and a carrot from our shoot last week, kernels from one ear of white corn (79¢ an ear in January—I wonder where it was grown?), green onions, cherry tomatoes, baby lettuce and great homemade croutons made of my current favorite bread: Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane from TJs. All tossed with a quickly made mustard/balsamic/olive oil vinaigrette.

• Broiled rib eyes (my favorite cut), seasoned with Mrs. Dash’s garlic & herb and fresh ground pepper. Brush (or spray) some olive oil on top to help brown them.

• My 2nd attempt at crash-hot potatoes: — I think I over-cooked them this time, and undercooked them previously. Third time’s a charm! I like that you don’t miss adding butter or sour cream. The crispiness and spices make up for it.

2011-01-30 17.49.05-1

• Broiled cherry tomatoes with garlic slivers, S&P and thyme sprigs. We noticed that the tomatoes for the salad were getting a little shrivel-y so I roaster the rest and served them on the side. The lycopene content in tomatoes is increased with heat and a little olive oil.

2011-01-30 17.48.44

Now it’s 5:46 p.m.–is it too late for that nap I was craving all day?

P.S. Everything is vegetarian except for the rib eye steaks!! Ha!

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