Guilty Pleasure. Exploding Croutons

As soon as I turned off the oven after cooking our rib eye extravaganza last night, I slid in a tray of cubes of getting-too-old supermarket baguette–fairly light and airy stuff. I’m pretty sure it was from Vons*. They were sprayed with olive oil and stirred around and then sprayed again. And were then promptly forgotten about until bedtime, when I threw them into a ziplok bag.

Luckily, they turned a nice toasty color and stopped there (imagine zwieback but not so hard), and also seem to have every bit of moisture baked out of them. When you bite one it explodes into crunchy crumbs in your mouth!

So, ok, I’m confessing. I just had a handful of them for a late night snack, dragging each one of them along the side of a stick of butter on its way to my mouth. Wow. Just my kind of thing, Butter, savory, with lots of crunch. Mmmmm.


butter nibbling

* TJs Tuscan Whole Wheat Pane also makes delicious croutons, but the texture is much denser. And they have more flavor. And whole grain.

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