Calibrating Your Oven (Dial) // Carnitas Recipe

I never knew this! However, I don’t think it will work on the Wolf range at the house. Or my vintage hotplate at the studio.

I’m thinking of getting an induction hotplate for the studio. I can’t keep even heat, and it takes a long time to boil things. One burner won’t stay hot.

The last trick I tried, which worked pretty well, was to put the cast iron griddle across both burners and then set a roasting pan on top of that. I made some carnitas using David Lebovitz’s tasty recipe — wow!! It was great.

I think the only thing I did was scale it back a little to fit in my little oven at the studio. And subbed ground cinnamon for stick. Don’t leave it out, it is a great flavor addition. Oh wait, I used a lot more garlic, since Big L loves carmelized garlic and who can blame him?

This dish was a huge hit. I found some tortillas that looked handmade/homemade at the grocery store, and added a very simple mashup of avocado, tomato and cilantro to top it with.

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