Way Spicy Chile Verde

chileVerdeWOW!! I made it just as it was written. Except I forgot to fire-roast the onion. We are waiting until tomorrow to make a meal of it but the tastes I have been having all evening are divine! It maybe be a little spicier than I’d choose, but what a wonderful rich complex flavor! Here’s the link:


It took about 3.5 hours to make not including the long simmer, but it is very tasty. Very reminiscent of the chile verde at Cafe Bouzy’s in Redondo Beach.

*** WARNING! WARNING! This is hot hot hot! WOW. Tonight I added — to only TWO reheated servings of this recipe: 1 Tablespoon (and maybe more) of sunflower butter (our peanut butter was chunky style and I didn’t want actual nut pieces in the chili), half a diced avocado per bowl, juice of half a lime, AND a good sized scoop of plain yogurt. Eaten with corn tortillas. After all that, it was still pretty much at the edge of our tolerance. I should have looked at the Scoville chart before I put in ALL those chiles!!! Yikes! Sorry – you have been warned!!!

I wonder what I should do NEXT? Well, besides ask Cafe Bouzy if they will share their recipe : )

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1 Response to Way Spicy Chile Verde

  1. Cindy King says:

    I had seen this before, but not the blog. Good for you. Halloween is coming. How about the pumpkin seed recipe or the caramel corn? Many are the years that we have been sharing recipes. I want to try the new gazpacho recipe!

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