A Big Blender Day!

I used the blender THREE times today! I’m sure that is a record for me.

First thing this morning, I made a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. It is satisfying, filling and sugar free! I substitute coconut oil for the Brain Octane called for in the recipe, since coconut oil is something I always have on hand. This is my absolute favorite use for coconut oil! Unless I’m traveling, this is my go-to morning beverage.

For dinner, I tried a new recipe: Creamy Asparagus, Lemon, and Walnut Pasta. I found it on my current favorite food site, Food52.com. It turned out great! The walnuts on top are a delicious touch. We love anything crunchy in our food, it seems. Enjoyed our meal while we watched the Spurs demolish the Heat in Game 4!

This evening, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I made a carafe of homemade almond milk. It’s chilling in the fridge, ready for breakfast in the morning. The link above takes you to the website of Margaret & James @ eatnakednow.com, which goes into much more detail. But here’s what I do: I soak 1 cup of almonds for 8 to 24 hours, on the counter; rinse and drain; and then add 4 cups of filtered water to the blender, along with a small amount of honey–about 1/2 tsp (instead of the dates or vanilla in the linked recipe). It’s not enough honey to be able to taste it, but I read that honey has an antibacterial property that helps the finished milk last longer. Blend for at least one minute; strain in a nut milk bag (Margaret’s post has a link to a nut bag, if you need to see what it is). Refrigerate. Fills a one-liter glass container right up to the brim. Lasts us about a week, which is just how long homemade almond milk stays fresh. Squeezing the remaining milk out of the nut bag always make me think of milking a cow! Try it and you’ll see what I mean : )

Margaret and James are the nice people that I do the 14-Day Sugar Control Detox Program with, at least once a year. It’s about time for a refresher. I feel great on the program, and always lose some weight and feel better. That’s another post for another time.

Before I go to bed, I’ll go out and check on tonight’s astronomical treat, the Honey Moon. It’s unusual because of falling on Friday the 13th. But, really–every full moon is beautiful and should be appreciated, and yes, celebrated! Here are three (blurry!) photos of the 2014 Honey Moon, shining over downtown Nampa, Idaho. Just because she’s a beauty!

2014 Honey Moon

Moonrise, 2014 Honey Moon

2014 Honey Moon +4 hrs

2014 Honey Moon, about 4 hours later

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