Week #1 / Wissel Farms Harvest Club

Our first CSA box EVER! Here’s what was in the box: snap peas, beets, apricots, cherries, and a watermelon. We really ARE “At Home, Cooking!” This is a very pleasing milestone. Thank you, Wissel Farms! See you next week.

After living with pretty sketchy kitchen amenities for several years, I’m so happy to have a nice spacious kitchen to play in, and excited about the challenge of using what appears all on its own—well, without effort on my end, anyhow—every week. It will test my premise of “cooking is like jazz.”

I should show you my kitchen! It needs some straightening up before a photo shoot, though.

2014-07-03 12.06.04

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1 Response to Week #1 / Wissel Farms Harvest Club

  1. Lisa says:

    You are so inventive with your dishes. Your one of those people who’s good to invite to parties cause you’ll always bring something home made that will impress the crowd. Keep cooking!

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