It’s Lassi Time — Summer’s Arrived!

Summer’s here right on schedule, in time for Memorial Day Weekend. It’s time to load up the butter bell. I also dug out some seltzer water and club soda to keep cold in the fridge. Thundershowers have been building up in the afternoons for several days; all’s right with the world.

We had our first lassis of the season for a weekend breakfast: mango-cucumber-mint-ginger (I think that’s all), with whole milk, full fat yogurt, ground ancho chili pepper and a little local honey.

I’m loving this new-to-my-supermarket milk: Organic Valley Grassmilk–mmmmm, good! There’s a whole lump of cream in there that I can feel when I shake it.

I bought a fresh batch of bulgur wheat and red lentils this weekend. I love how quickly you can turn these items into something good to eat. The only debit card I had with me wouldn’t work when I was ready to pay (it turned out I hadn’t activated it yet), and the nice young clerk handed me the receipt and said, “Come back and pay us next time.”  Since I don’t get into town regularly, I didn’t want to do that. Luckily, I found one check stashed somewhere–but I was so impressed that he offered me that option. (Ishtar Market and Restaurant, Overland Road, Boise ID. Their restaurant serves delicious, authentic Iraqi food.)

Ok, the last thing to show you are these gorgeous foxtail lilies that I’ve been buying at the farmers’ market around the corner from us. They are so cool! They last about a week. I was late to market on Saturday and they were already sold out, so I picked up these peonies instead, right at the end of their season. I’ve never grown them–too hot in L.A. and no dirt here in Idaho–a friend here had to tell me they smell good. And they do!


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