I feel most at home and grounded when I can go into my own kitchen and whip up something interesting to eat. Cooking is like jazz–endlessly inventive, never quite the same twice. I love experimenting, and feeding people. Dinner parties at home are my favorite form of entertainment.

The recipes I make are generally pretty healthy, staying from processed foods as much as possible. Many of the things I cook are vegetarian, with low to moderate fat and usually not much added salt. I get most of my ideas from trolling around the internet–I sure do follow a lot of food blogs!–in combination with whatever food I have in the house, or whatever food I’m craving. I don’t often repeat myself in the kitchen, as there are always new ideas waiting to be explored.

I’m starting a food blog, again, to try to keep the other compartments in my life in better order, and not annoy readers who are more interested in, for instance, my work life (which tends to bulldoze over the rest of my activities). I am the art director half of a commercial photography studio (hillstreetstudios.com). Lawrence is my business partner and life partner, which means we tend to spend a whole lot of time together. . .

Welcome to my world! Want to stay for dinner?


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